Engineering Lead

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Allotrope Medical Inc.
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Houston , TX
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Albert Huang
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Job Description

About Allotrope Medical

We are a very small team that is working to bring a novel surgical device to market that will help surgeons decrease accidental injuries to ureters in the OR. We have developed a handheld, battery powered, single use device that is used by the surgeon to stimulate the ureter for quick and safe visualization. This allows the surgeon to identify the path of the ureter with minimal dissection, thus increasing patient safety while decreasing OR time and increasing efficiency in millions of procedures done each year around the world.

We are looking for someone that can truly take ownership of the product engineering and development, and is able to work both collaboratively and independently in a flexible manner.

Position Summary

You will have the lead role in the device development, along with key responsibilities overseeing design, development, testing and FDA submission of Allotrope Medical’s device.

Core Responsibilities

·         Identify and implement state-of-the-art methods to improve/design the circuit board layout, functionality, features and controls of the Allotrope Medical device, and build initial hardware.

·         Oversee and interface with product design firm(s) as design controls are implemented and Design History File documentation begun.

·         Create requirements and specification documents to support both internal development activities and complement the work being done by the product design firm(s)


·         5+ year experience in product engineering and development in electrosurgical and/or laparoscopic tools

·        Experience having brought medical device(s) through the FDA 510(k) process, and into the commercial space

·         Experience designing for medical device safety and RF/electrosurgical regulatory compliance with appropriate documentation.

·         BS in Electrical Engineering; MS preferred with expert knowledge and experience in analog, power and embedded circuit design 

·         Able to work independently, but also closely with the CEO when needed.

Relocation, Compensation, Contact Info, About CEO

·         Relocation: Not required. Remote work accepted.

·         Compensation: Contract (Hourly Billing), with potential to transition to full time.

·         Website:

·         Contact: Albert Huang

·         About CEO: I am a general surgeon that created this device and founded the company in 2016. With a background in high-end menswear design, industrial design, vintage car/motorcycle restoration, and being self-taught in many of these fields, I have a passion for working with my hands and creating something from nothing. I left clinical practice to run Allotrope Medical full time, and work day and night to continue advancing the company.

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Position is open until filled