About the Institute

The Tauber Institute for Global Operations is a premier multidisciplinary operations program of the University of Michigan. Its mission is to be the recognized leader in operations theory, practice and dissemination of knowledge.

Key Tauber Institute attributes:

  • U-M top-ranked business and engineering schools, which offers students a cross-learning environment covering operations management and related areas, thereby deepening their knowledge and preparation to solve problems leaders face.
  • Leadership Advantage Program, which bring a selected methodical and comprehensive set of modules or workshops to the classroom. The students learn to apply their individual and team performance to their team project and later in their career.
  • Facility tours, which give students an inside look and insight into operations and lean thinking.
  • Team projects, which provide students with a highly visible, operations-related, guaranteed, paid internship to apply their skills.
  • Conferences and events, which provide a forum for students and industry representatives to share knowledge and ideas.

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Tauber Institute for Global Operations